Spitz Dog Info

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  1. Icarefully take off our wingsuit,unclip her, and she wigglesout of the confines of her flightcapsule.

  2. Brio flies over the first hurdle with Shorman running to his left.

  3. The idea was to mimic the typical situation where you leave the house and then return home after a period of some separation from your dog.

  4. The first time they saw snow, in Toronto, they thought I was punishing them.

  5. Give your pup a fighting chance with Raptor Shield.

  6. What is it about booking doggie playdates or carrying Fido in a dogsling that causes some people to blow a fuse?

  7. While some police forces will be happy to file a report, it won’t be priority number one down at the local station house.

  8. Ever wondered what it would be like to adopt three large rescue dogs while living in the heart of the city?